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Created on 2017-04-19 20:39:56 (#3145261), last updated 2017-05-08 (19 weeks ago)

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Name:fruit-flavoured drinklings
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Bottoms up, because WINE = MINE.
This is a community not about wine but about drinking wine. You can also talk about wine brands, or making wine. There are also other LJ communities devoted to the latter. Here, you are only allowed to let it rip, baby. We are all lovers of wine, and even if our wine is cheap, we are fine.

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a delightful evening, acid reflux, antioxidants, argentina, australian wine, baking soda, bare-footing, belly, benedryl, beneficial microbiota, california without the sugar, chablis, champaigne, cheap wine, cheese, chicken, chips, cruel hands of time, declining health, demonic possession, die drinking, dionysus, doing the wine thing, drink me i'm wine, drinking alone, drinking wine, drunk, drunk on your ass, dvds, escape, fermentation, fine wines, floating inexplicably, flying without wings, france, get the red out, getting drunk, glug glug glug, going berserk, grape death, grape worship, grazing in the grass, hangovers, health, hole in my pocket, hot mess, hubba hubba, kisses sweeter than wine, latin music, living it, love, love amongst the hyacinth, making wine, merlot, multitudinous seas incarnadine, music appreciation, mussels, numbness, occasionally freaking out, oh what's that wine!, out damn spot!, oysters, popcorn, purple feet, racing with kittens, red wine, resveretrol, romance, select beverages, self-delusion, sentimental feelings, sex, sexy wine, shiraz, shopping for wine, slap dag giggle, sleeping in, sleeping late, sleeping with wrong people, social butterfly, spain, stained lips, stephanie miller, stop fracking start drinking, sulfates, surprising frogs using turnips, talking about wine, the democracy of wine, throwing muses, tofu, under the influence, warm and fuzzy, white wine, wine, wine as therapy, wine drinking, wine for the masses, wine freaks, wine is the opiate, winos, zinfandel
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